Ioof Employer Super Investment Options

Ioof employer super investment options

Investment options – Choice members One of the most impressive features of IOOF Employer Super is the amount of choice offered to you. You will be classified as a Choice member if you make an investment selection rather than investing in the default investment strategy.

Choose from over investments, or the default MySuper compliant investment strategy, the IOOF Balanced Investor Trust Flexible insurance options at competitive rates Simple, transparent and competitive fees Friendly, helpful and personalised service.

IOOF Employer Super; IOOF Personal Super; Self-managed super; Insurance in super; Product updates; IOOF Pursuit Select Investment Service Extensive investment menu; Competitive fees; Flexible insurance options; Find out more. IOOF Holdings Ltd.

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ABN 49 Level 6,Collins Street Melbourne VIC GPO Box Performance Values (As at 30 September ) One month: Three months: Six months: One year: Three years: Five years: % % %. IOOF Employer Super is a premium super solution with a wide choice of investments, tailored insurance options, competitive fees and personalised service.

Ioof employer super investment options

Our goal is to form a strategic partnership with you to provide your employees with the super features they need while minimising your administrative burden. rows · IOOF Holdings Ltd.

ABN 49 Level 6,Collins Street Melbourne VIC. · IOOF Employer Super is a Division of the IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund and is a lifetime portable super solution that provides members with extensive choice and flexible pvvf.xn--80aaaj0ambvlavici9ezg.xn--p1ai Core Menu offers members access to ready-made portfolios, consisting of a range of diversified and single sector multi-manager trusts. · IOOF Employer Super. About the fund.

IOOF Employer Super is not your average retail super fund. Run by the IOOF group, which first opened its doors in in colonial Melbourne, it has mastered the art of being both a full-service adviser-supported platform and an investor-focused super fund able to use its scale to deliver members a wide range of low-cost investments. · IOOF Employer Super is a Division of the IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund and is a lifetime portable super solution that provides members with extensive choice and flexible pvvf.xn--80aaaj0ambvlavici9ezg.xn--p1ai members have access to a range of ready-made portfolios, managed investments, listed investments and term deposits.

MySuper default investment option If you don’t nominate your own investment strategy, or join BASSP automatically through your employer, your money is invested in the IOOF Balanced Investor Trust, our MySuper default investment option.

· IOOF Employer Super Employer Division - Choice Members If you choose your own investment options and you’re a member of the Employer Division, you automatically become an Employer Division - Choice Member.

AustChoice Super Employer is a division of the IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund that caters to employer super plans which are established by employers for their employees. This product is closed to new members.

Ioof employer super investment options

All employers are required to contribute at least % of an employee’s salary to their super fund (this is known as the superannuation guarantee or SG). Most employees, regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time or casual basis, who are above age 18 and are earning more than $ per month are eligible for SG contributions.

· Members are able to switch investment options without incurring a switching pvvf.xn--80aaaj0ambvlavici9ezg.xn--p1ai Personal Super members can apply for a full suite of insurance cover, including Death, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) insurance.

The employer fund offers a range of investment options such as shares, property, fixed interest and cash. If you don’t make an investment choice your money will be automatically invested in the default MySuper investment option. IOOF’s award-winning Investment Team does it again We are proud to announce that IOOF has won two awards in the Money magazine Best of the Best Awards The awards identify the financial products and services with the best value that have excelled either overall or.

· That’s why our fund offers comprehensive investment choice with managed funds, access to all shares in the ASX and term deposits, as well as transparent and competitive fees, and a range of insurance options,” Mr Black explained.

IOOF Employer Super – Personal fund was one of only six products in the market to be awarded a five. The PPF is a sub-plan of IOOF Employer Super. The PPF provides super and insurance benefits with a wide range of investment options and competitive fees. Take control of your super You can choose from a wide range of investment options, over in fact, including managed funds, shares, term deposits and a MySuper option.

Flexible insurance. default MySuper Investment option, the IOOF Balanced Investor Trust (IBIT), a range of diversified and multi-manager trusts, managed investments, listed investments on the S&P/ASX and a selection of term deposits.

For further details of the investment options available please refer to PPS and the Investment menu. Types of IOOF Investment Management Super accounts. IOOF Investment Management offers three retirement-related products to choose from: Corporate super arranged by an employer for their employees to use; Personal super available for individual employees; Account-based pension converts superannuation into regular income payments for retirees and workers in the transition to retirement.

When Helen joined the plan inthe default investment option was the XYZ Growth Fund. Inthe trustee changed the default investment option for new members to the IOOF Multi Series Balanced Fund.

As a pre member, Helen’s default contributions were being made into the XYZ Growth Fund. Extensive investment choice. Competitive insurance package, tax effective rates. Ability to maintain AustChoice Super membership regardless of work status through the three divisions within AustChoice Super. Ability to accept employer, SG and wide range of contributions.

· Through IOOF Online, members of IOOF Employer Super and their advisers can now trade listed securities and managed investments faster and more easily. IOOF Online’s transactional capability has been enhanced to enable the buying and selling of listed securities and managed investments in the same transaction and on the same screen.

Switch my investments. You can switch investments either online of by filling in this switching form. For a complete list of available investment options, view the investment menu here. Home | Contact us IOOF Employer Super is part of the.

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Please note that rebates of between per cent apply to IOOF Employer Super's platform fee for selected IOOF investments for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank staff members. Refer to the Investment Performance Report for further details. All new employers and new employees of existing employers are directed to our flagship corporate platform, IOOF Employer Super. Existing AustChoice Super employers and members will continue to have their financial needs met. We continue to offer you access to a straightforward retirement savings vehicle through Austchoice Super's two divisions.

*If you do not nominate your own investment strategy, your money is invested in our MySuper default investment option, the IOOF Balanced Investor Trust. This option has target asset allocation of 70% growth assets and 30% defensive assets. If you choose your own investments, you will be.

Ioof employer super investment options

For a full list of investment options and indirect cost ratios, see the Investment Menu: 2 This managed fund is entitled to charge a performance-based fee. Please refer to the product disclosure statement for the particular managed fund for details.

2020 — Super Fund of the Year 2020

IOOF Employer Super is part of the. The MySuper investment option for the following superannuation products have been judged as "outstanding" and have been awarded the highest rating with 5 Heron Quality Stars for / AMG Super - Corporate Super. IOOF Head of Client Delivery, Steve Black, said that it was very exciting to receive this five-star independent endorsement of IOOF Employer Super. “In addition to a great range of investment options, including managed funds, shares and term deposits, IOOF Employer Super offers members the ability to access financial advice,” Steve said.

“Offering an ethical superannuation option to their employees is an opportunity for responsible employers to provide competitive retirement savings options, knowing that they are making a positive impact on society and the planet we live on,” said Mr Vernon.

Super Investment Options Explained - Rask Finance - [HD]

at less than half the average Australian super fees,” Ms Phillips said. IOOF. · An email sent by IOOF national product manager for superannuation Bruce Mason warned that repricing the entire backbook of the employer super fund would have “an $8 million per annum revenue impact”. Mr Mason also noted that there are “approximately 40, members who have a grandfathered commission”. AustChoice Super – Employer and Personal Super divisions are no longer open to new business, however the AustChoice Super - Pension division remains open to new business for existing AustChoice Super members.

All new employers and new employees of existing employers are directed to our flagship corporate platform, IOOF Employer Super. Winners have been announced! All finalists and winners have been selected and rated by The Heron Partnership.

The Heron Partnership is an independent actuarial and superannuation consultancy, assisting medium to large employers, superannuation fund trustees, insurers, wealth management organisations and advisers with superannuation services and advice.

IOOF Head of Employer Super, Stephen Black, said research[1] confirms IOOF’s experience that an increasing number of employees are actively asking their employer for professional financial advice on their super, highlighting the value advisers can bring to the financial wellbeing of both employers and employees. · Australian Ethical is in the process of divesting its holding in financial services business IOOF.

The decision was made following an internal review which assessed IOOF against the Australian Ethical pvvf.xn--80aaaj0ambvlavici9ezg.xn--p1ai divestment will be made in line with a prudent investment management process and the interests of Australian Ethical’s customers.

OnePath Custodians is authorised to offer the MySuper investment options known as Lifestage investments detailed in this PDS. CONTENTS 1. About ANZ Smart Choice Super 3 2.

Ioof Employer Super Investment Options. ANZ SMART CHOICE SUPER FOR EMPLOYERS AND THEIR …

How super works 3 3. Benefits of investing hwt i ANZ Smart Choice Super 4 4. Risks of super 5 5.

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How we invest your money 5 6. Fees and costs 7 7. How super is taxed 10 8. Investment options compared in the first above graph are Suncorp Brighter Super Pers - Suncorp Multi-Manager Growth Fund, BUSSQ - Balanced Growth, Aust Ethical Pers – Balanced, Vision SS - Balanced Growth, IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust, Equip MyFuture - Balanced Growth, First State Super – Growth, VicSuper.

2. How super works 2 3. Benefits of investing with eXpand Super 2 4. Risks of super competitive insurance options to protect your income and 2 5. How we invest your money 3 6. Fees and costs 4 7. How super is taxed 6 8. Insurance in your super 7 9. How to open an account 8 Other information 8 i This PDS is a summary of significant. A 7% average return might be typical of a growth option whereas a 5% return might be typical of an investment option which has an even split between cash/fixed interest and shares/property.

IOOF Employer Super is part of the.

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Uncategorized; About. IOOF has a long history of working with employers and financial advisers to package up employer superannuation plans for the benefit of their staff / pvvf.xn--80aaaj0ambvlavici9ezg.xn--p1ai: National Business Development. Investment options to suit you. Members of the Zurich Superannuation Plan can select from a range of professionally constructed investment options managed by strategic investment partners who are recognised as being amongst the best in their area of expertise.

By combining these specialist investment managers with Zurich’s excellence in. The Super Fund of the Year Awards are an exciting night with the industry's finest.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate, connect and network with your peers.

Ioof employer super investment options

This was a sell-out event in and tickets are expected to sell even quicker this year! Colonial First State’s FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super is the primary personal super option for employees looking to invest their retirement savings via a fund. This product comes with features which include: More than investment options across different asset classes and investment managers. Melbourne VICGPO Box Original American muscle cars with modern components. IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust.

Unit prices may rise and fall in line with the value of the underlying assets. Performance is net of fund manager fees and charges.

Investment options -

View the performance history of your IOOF products. IOOF Pursuit Personal Super A versatile range of options to suit your super.

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